An academic partnership between engineering and digital services specialists UzAssystem and Tashkent State Technical University (TSTU), established in late 2021, has been expanded to include the Uzbekistan Ministry of Energy, in a move which will enhance collaboration to support the development of engineering talent in Uzbekistan.

Under a newly agreed Memorandum of Understanding, IT equipment and software will be provided to support the delivery of a dedicated masterclass in DIgSILENT grid simulation software, conducted by UzAssystem. The company will lead the development of the curriculum and educational content, and will provide international experts to teach the next generation of engineers.

Placements in the UzAssystem masterclass will be awarded to TSTU students who demonstrate digital engineering potential, as well as employees of sub-organisations of the Uzbekistan Ministry of Energy. TSTU students will also enjoy the opportunity to hone their skills via internships with UzAssystem.

This partnership forms part of UzAssystem’s ambition to equip the next generation of engineering talent in Uzbekistan. It will drive a growing skills pipeline to support the country’s low-carbon energy transition, delivering modern grid infrastructure underpinned by digital solutions which will cater to new energy generation capacity such as renewables and nuclear.

UzAssystem formed academic partnerships with two other institutions in early 2022, YEOJU Technical Institute, a leading private university which is well-known for its educational programmes in civil engineering and renewable energy, and PDP Academy, a learning centre specialising in software development and digital solutions.

Kerem Sadiklar, General Manager, UzAssystem said: “We are delighted that our partnership with Tashkent State Technical University has taken another step forward. With the support of the Ministry of Energy, UzAssystem and TSTU will ensure the development of engineering talent and the delivery of the energy infrastructure of tomorrow.