As part of its commitment to supporting the development of the next generation of engineering talent in Uzbekistan, UzAssystem has signed two Memorandums of Understanding with leading academic institutions based in Tashkent.

The first is with YEOJU Technical Institute, a leading private university which is well-known for its educational programmes in civil engineering and renewable energy. The second is with the PDP Academy, a learning centre specialising in software development and digital solutions.

UzAssystem will work with these new partners to develop research projects and educational curricula, as well as establishing internship programmes which will offer vocational training opportunities to students with a view to developing a talent pool with the engineering and digital capabilities needed to support Uzbekistan’s major energy transition programme.

These new partnerships will complement UzAssystem’s ongoing work with Tashkent State Technical University, which features dedicated masterclasses, conducted by UzAssystem’s specialists, including in grid simulation software PowerFactory by DIGSILENT. Through the partnership, the university has also benefitted from lab and classroom refurbishment, including new technical equipment which is enhancing the student learning experience.

UzAssystem has been actively supporting Uzbekistan’s energy transition since 2019, and is involved in a range of projects that will deliver a cleaner, more secure energy system for the Republic, including modelling its national electricity grid, upgrading its electrotechnical standards and supporting the development of multiple low-carbon generation projects, including several wind farms.

Uzbekistan is targeting a 35% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, with plans to boost renewable energy generation capacity to meet at least 25% of electricity demand by the end of the decade, including targets for total deployment of 8.8GW of solar PV, 5GW of wind and 11.2GW of hydro energy.

Kerem Sadiklar, General Manager, UzAssystem said: Uzbekistan needs a broad pool of individuals skilled in engineering and digital solutions who are capable of delivering the energy transition projects of the coming decades. We are pleased to be playing a role in equipping the next generation by working with our esteemed partner institutions.”