Since the inception of the joint venture in 2019, UzAssystem has reached a significant milestone, with 50 contracts awarded. The engineering JV, which was formed to serve the Uzbekistan’s low carbon energy strategy, is involved in a variety of energy transition projects in the Republic.

With ambitious targets of 7GW solar and 5GW wind power capacity by 2030, and a plan to modernise its energy system, Uzbekistan’s energy transition is truly underway. UzAssystem is providing its engineering and digital expertise to support the development of renewable energy infrastructure across the country, including 200MW of solar power and over 2.5 GW of wind power in the Novoiy and Bukhara regions.

These projects are being supported via a range of services including geotechnical, topography and hydrology studies, grid impact assessments, and substation and over head line designs.

Efficient and modern electricity systems featuring variable renewable generation also need a well-managed grid, which is why UzAssystem is supporting the National Grid of Uzbekistan to model its grid system using PowerFactory by DIgSILENT. The JV is also assisting the Ministry of Energy to update its standards to International Electrotechnical Commission level.

Kerem Sadiklar, General Manager, UzAssystem said: “Uzbekistan is demonstrating genuine leadership in the global energy transition. Its Ministry of Energy has been tasked with delivering on ambitious renewable energy goals and working towards a modern, decarbonised grid. This comes with a number of challenges, but with UzAssystem’s support it is taking important steps towards a cleaner energy mix to contribute to addressing climate change.”