Uzbekistan is poised for a low-carbon energy revolution, and at the heart of this transformation is a collaboration between UzAssystem and ACWA Power. Together, they are laying the groundwork for a sustainable energy future in the country. UzAssystem is making invaluable contributions to several key ACWA Power projects across Uzbekistan, encompassing a range of critical activities, from geotechnical investigations and transmission line studies to hydrological analysis and grid impact assessments.

Unlocking the power of the wind

In the picturesque Bukhara region, UzAssystem is taking on a pivotal role in laying the foundation for ACWA Power’s plan to deploy more than a gigawatt (GW) of wind power capacity. The task involves geotechnical investigations spanning over 190 kilometres of overhead transmission lines connecting Karakul, Bash, and Dzhankeldy. This extensive project involves a comprehensive array of assessments, including electrical resistance tomography testing and meticulous laboratory analysis of water and soil.

Enabling the potential of solar energy

In the Samarkand region, UzAssystem is taking the lead in conducting an Over-Head Transmission Line (OHTL) study for two colossal 500MW solar photovoltaic (PV) farms located in Sazagan. Solar power is a cornerstone of Uzbekistan’s sustainable energy strategy, and these solar farms represent a significant step toward achieving its goal of deploying 7GW of PV by 2030. The OHTL study is essential to ensure the efficient and reliable transmission of the solar-generated electricity to where it is needed most.

Driving the deployment of energy storage

UzAssystem’s involvement extends to a comprehensive set of activities in the Bukhara, Samarkand, and Tashkent regions. The JV is conducting hydrological analysis and reporting, as well as grid impact assessment studies as part of pre-feasibility assessments for a 400MW solar PV plant and a 334MW battery energy storage system. These projects are essential in securing a stable and continuous energy supply, even during periods of low solar generation. UzAssystem’s expertise ensures that these systems will seamlessly integrate with the existing grid infrastructure, enhancing the reliability of Uzbekistan’s power supply.

Delivering low-carbon electricity

The Kungrad region is set to host an awe-inspiring 1500MW wind farm project, and UzAssystem is at the forefront of its development. The JV is conducting geotechnical, topographical, and hydrological surveys for the overhead transmission line (OHTL) route, ensuring that the transmission infrastructure is robust and resilient enough to handle the new energy generating capacity. Additionally, UzAssystem is responsible for conducting the grid impact study for the wind farm, ensuring the seamless integration of this massive renewable energy source into Uzbekistan’s power grid.


Nicolas Dugot, General Manager, UzAssystem said: “The collaboration between UzAssystem and ACWA Power in Uzbekistan stands as a resounding testament to the pursuit of a sustainable energy future in Uzbekistan. We are proud to be applying the breadth of our expertise to the numerous low-carbon projects that our esteemed client has underway.”