Local Technical Advisor mission for a 100 MW wind power plant project in Karatau region


The Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan is developing its renewable energy production in the country. As part of this energy policy, a 100 MW wind power plant project is being developed on a build-own-operate-transfer concession basis for 25 years. The wind power plant is located in the Karatau mountain region between the Beruniy and Qorao’zak District. This project is a pilot project included in a larger wind program (1 GW supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and 5 GW in total in Uzbekistan by 2030).

The Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan wishes to be supported by a specialised operator for the design, financing, construction, operation, maintenance and transfer of this wind power project. Several actors have positioned themselves to respond to this request, including a French renewable energy company. This company requested technical advice for the project.

In this context, our client (French renewable energy operator) has mandated UzAssystem for a Local Technical Advisor mission.
Assystem brings consultancy services for licences and permits, for technical and operational subjects (subcontractors and supply-chain) and for tender preparation.


Our mission as Local Technical Advisor is to support and advise our client during the tendering process of the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan, which includes:

Licensing and permits

Legal support in identifying and obtaining all licenses (permits, consents, deadlines and costs) under local laws and the applicable legal and regulatory framework for an Electricity Production company (IPP).

Technical and operational consultancy

Technical support and studies on network connection and impacts on the network, identification of operational risks related to the project.


Advice on potential local subcontractors for construction (substations, grid connection, electrical installation), commissioning and maintenance activities, management of consultations (RFP) up to selection and negotiation of subcontractors.

Logistics & transportation

Supply chain advice on transport risks, local transport actors and rules, taxes and duties.

Tender preparation

Site visit, printing of documents, delivery of the tender, translation, accommodation of the working offices during the preparation of the tender.

Afterwards, UzAssystem has been also asked to advise on local salaries, local working regulations and all related social aspects.

Clients Benefits

Acquisition of accurate information allowing the client to anticipate all the stages of the operational deployment of the project

Good understanding of the specificities of the country and the constraints given by the Ministry of Energy for the realization of the wind power plant



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