Grid impact study of the Combined Cycle Power plant (CCPP) in Qibray


A Turquish Group has a Combined Cycle Power plant (CCPP) located in Qibray, Tashkent region of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The total installed capacity considered for the CCPP plant is 240 MW. The CCPP is planned to connect to the existing 110kV transmission network with 8 feeders.

In order to dispose of all technical information so as to avoid any potential grid problems, the client wanted a complete impact study.

The client called upon Uzassystem to take care of the grid impact study of the Qibray CCPP on the Uzbek national grid.


UzAssystem chose to use the DIgSILENT PowerFactory power system simulation software package to achieve the project. This is a software solution providing highly services in the field of electrical power systems for transmission, distribution, generation, industrial plants and renewable energies.

DigSILENT is used to undertake the studies. The model require inputs and data provided from AKSA and / or other stakeholders such as National Grid Company.

Purposes of the studies are to:

check the system behavior and loading of the step-up transformers and transmission lines

check the voltage profiles of buses, transformers and cables

check short circuit levels to ensure switchgear ratings are sufficient with respect to fault levels

check power quality of the system

check harmonics flow, load unbalance and voltage flicker

undertake a transient network analysis

Clients Benefits

To show the impact that Qibray CCPP location and installed capacity will have on the grid

To show how the network will operate, providing load-balance analyses and identifying any risks or gaps, which present a risk to the network

To anticipate the behavior of the system and its equipment

To investigate N-1 and N-2 contingency cases, short circuit analysis and transient analysis for the most reliable connection possible



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