Grid impact study for the implementation of a 600 MW wind farm in the Bukhara region


In the Gijduvan district of the Bukhara region, a Chinese group signed a PPA Agreement to install 600 MW Wind Farm.

According to the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the total cost of the project is $1.8 billion with a production capacity of up to 1.5 thousand MW. For this, the regional khokimiyat allocated 6 thousand hectares of land. It is planned that the project will be implemented in three stages. At the first stage, construction of a 200 MW power plant is intended for $240 million foreign direct investment.
The project is planned to operate in 2023.

In order to dispose of all technical information so as to avoid any potential grid problems, the client wants a complete impact study of the wind farm on the Uzbek national grid.

The Chinese group called upon Uzassystem to take care of the grid impact study necessary to provide reliable electricity, without causing problem in grid system.


To find the best possible connection option, preliminary grid impact assessment is conducted by assessing 4 variants. The most feasible option in technical and financial terms, is agreed with the client. Grid Impact assessment is conducted accordingly to:

check the system behavior and loading of the Step-up Transformers and transmission lines

check the voltage profiles of the buses, transformers and cables

check short circuit levels for ensuring switchgear ratings are sufficient with respect to fault levels

check power quality of the system

check harmonics flow, load unbalance and voltage flicker

check transient analysis

check dynamic analysis

Clients Benefits

To show the impact of the Bukhara Wind Farm’s installed capacity on the grid

To show how the network will operate, providing load-balance analyses and identifying any risks or gaps that present a risk to the network

To anticipate the behavior of the system and of its equipment

To investigate N-1 and N-2 contingency cases, short circuit analysis and transient analysis for the most reliable connection possible



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