Grid impact assessment and engineering design consultancy for a 200 MW solar power plant in Navoiy Region


A Dubai-based solar energy company has signed agreements with the Government of Uzbekistan to develop a solar power plant in the country.

The 200MWac solar photovoltaic (PV) plant will be developed in Nurata, Navoiy Region, and is expected to significantly enhance Uzbekistan’s solar PV installed capacity once completed.
It will also support the government’s plans to increase the country’s energy generation capacity to 30GW, including 5GW of solar, by 2030.

The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and investment agreement cover the technical and commercial terms for building, owning and operating the project, including facilities connecting to the Khimiya 220/110kV substation.
Time constraints being the main issue of the project, all scopes were aimed to be completed in 2 months.

The solar energy company called upon Uzassystem to produce the grid impact assessment of the power plant and to support the design of the power related services (overhead line, substation…) in a two-month time.


Grid Impact assessment of project to ensure reliable connection to the grid system

Overhead line design of project which is almost 55 km long

Substation design (220 kV)

Design all power related services to ensure safe and sustainable connection to grid, including overheadline design and substation design

All designs are conducted in accordance with laws of Republic of Uzbekistan and best practices.

Clients Benefits

To reach development target within the client deadline (to do so, all studies have been conducted by UzAssystem so as the client does not have to interface with different subcontractors and does not lose time for coordination)

To show the impact of the solar plant’s installed capacity on the grid

To anticipate the behavior of the system and of its equipment

To dispose of all design studies before construction in order to anticipate any future Grid problems



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