Detailed design studies for the modernization of Fergahana substation


The Fergahana substation is located South West part of Uzbekistan and has been implemented 22 years ago. Its modernization has to be planned.
The project is funded by World bank within the project of Rehabilitation and Upgrade of Transmission Substations and aims to modernize the major substation equipment.

Within the project scope, 22 substations require modernization and replacement of electrical equipment because of obsolete technology and aging. One of the substations to be rehabilitated was commissioned in 1947. The failures of substations cause unreliable and poor-quality electricity supply, increased losses, and higher maintenance costs. In recent years, the average occurrence of electrical equipment failures has doubled between 2001 and 2013 (average of 35 failures per year in the period 2001 – 2008 and average of 76 failures per year between 2008 and 2013).
The need is to support modernization of the priority substations that were identified to be replaced or rehabilitated.

JSC National Electrical Networks of Uzbekistan called upon Uzassystem to prepare 220/110/10 kV Fergahana substation detailed engineering studies for modernization according to the national norms and international best practices.


Detailed design for the requested modernization parts:

Primary Equipment Sizing

General Layout

Section Drawings

Secondary Schematics

Auxiliary Equipment Sizing

Earthing Calculation and Layouts

Lightning Calculation and Layouts

Cable Routing Layouts

Clients Benefits

Major expected result on the substations modernization is to reduce down the transmission losses on the Grid (In the Uzbekistan Transmission losses are around 3 percent)

Deliver of all substations drawings in soft and hardcopy (as previously there was no documentation at all)



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